Our Story

Tatsat wanted to change the way IT is perceived in India. Tatsat Info Services is a company with a highly qualified pool of skilled professionals.

Our purpose is to help businesses and professionals excel in the technology environment through strategic, efficient and effective solutions tailor-made to their unique needs. TatSat knows the day-to-day challenges your business faces and what it takes to make businesses successful and lucrative.

Business and IT expertise combined allow us to provide the best IT solutions for your business, and give you the foundation to be successful. Tatsat has an extremely varied services portfolio that ranges from the traditional to the transformational - across the service lines of Enterprise Solutions, Management Consulting, Enterprise Collaboration Services, Business Application Services, Testing and Assurance Services, BPM and Infrastructure Management Services.

The great team at Tatsat




Quick, Sharp and meticulous, Bharati is the driving force of the organization. She is the one who brings new perspective, runs the ship and ensures that the flow, both of work and energy is continuous and smooth. She has masters in Environmental Sciences and achieved REHS from California State. With 6+ years experience as an environmentalist, she has vast experience in Food, Public Swimming Pools, Hazardous Materials and Waste Recycling program and Prevention health management.


Jagannadha Rao


They say there is no greater wisdom than experience. Mr. Rao is the philosophical dent in the universe that is software. He believes that if we can make the world better or your life easier by creating software, we’re happy. That’s what we’re about.



Vice President

Of all the four screws, she's the loose one. The craziest of the bunch, she's in charge of anything creative in and around Tatsat. She's responsible for the mess after every Saturday and for the strong bond we have with our clients. You got work that needs to be done? Call her and she'll slave-drive it out of us.

At Tatsat, we have Great People, Great Work.

Tatsat provides a complete range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading technology providers.

Tatsat also helps empower its clients with enterprise agility, business process innovation, collaboration across the ecosystem and utilization of information as a strategic asset.

Step into our office at Tatsat and you will see brilliant minds industriously at work. Meetings, briefs, developers coding, consultants brainstorming, engineers fixing, managers delegating — everyone collaborating each day to apply their domain expertise and the latest technology to make our client’s businesses perform better and smoother.