Tatsat Code Contribution for Govt. of Andhra Pradesh (Code for AP).

A healthy democracy and any state advancement can not exist without informed citizens and a transparent medium. Transparent and an easy to use digital platform is essential for citizens’ involvement in the community, especially at a time when the government requires more and more of people. The important aspects of transparency and open government are open platform and sharing of knowledge, data and services. Vision: Transform AP into a digitally empowered and knowledge capital of the world Mission: Capitalize and leverage the large Telugu IT community’s expertise and eagerness to help enhance the quality of everyday lives of the people from homeland - See more at: http://codeforap.org

It is our responsibility to contribute to our people, our state and our country, by keeping this in mind, Tatsat has responded positively to the call given by the Honorable Chief Minister N.Chandra Babu Naidu in US, requesting the Indians and NRI software developers, to contribute to the state in the form of Software packages, for this Code for AP has been created. Tatsat has contributed MDM(Mobile Device Management) and CFM(Central Fund Management) to the AP Govt. at free of cost. On date 7th Aug 2015, The CM of A.P has honored the team responsible for the development to the Code of AP.

Our CEO, has been Mr. Srinivasa Sarawatula had received the memento from the Honorable Chief Minister N.Chandra Babu Naidu, for his teams contribution for the cause. .

What is Code for AP:

The uplifting of society at large cannot be accomplished without community involvement in the administrative process. This is why we need our initial focus on the following areas and projects

Government & Citizen Interaction: Helping government serve everyone faster and better with digital tools and practice. Establishing a grievance redressal system named “Meekosam" is one example project in this area.

Economic Development: Partnering with local governments and NGOs to build and grow digital economic development services focused on local inclusive opportunities. Encouraging ‘Adoption of a Village/Ward’ while paying more attention to village level issues are few example projects in this area.

Health and social services: Build and grow digital health and human services. Work with local health government and NGOs that can measure and improve community health.

Rural Education: Initiating eLearning in elementary schools

Agriculture: Helping grassroots level farmers about everything related to seeds, weather reports, pesticides, soil tests, availability and water usage

MDM (Mobile Device Management):

All the tabs given by the AP Govt are listed heare.

Tabs status and Geo Location are displayed

Apps. Installed and duration of their usage can be viewed

All the tabs provided by the AP Govt. are shown on the AP Map, with the status, and can be seen on the map of City and Mandals, It provides the details of the Tab holder, his phone, email, location and the apps used by him/her on this tab.

CFM (Central Fund Management):

Portal to monitor central funds status for various central govt schemes and coordination between different AP State Government departments, CMO & Resident Commissioner in Delhi with Union Government of India. To build a capable portal that can increase the efficiency of the AP State Government Departments as well as serve as a platform to know the exact status of various schemes. Decision makers can eventually know & track the existing funds to utilize or apply for a scheme within allotted funds.